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Ambience Outdoor Lighting

Ambience outdoor lighting

ambience outdoor lighting

Brasserie de kiezel retains the style and ambience of an earlier era with its authentic decor reflecting the good old days. When renovating the building as many authentic materials as possible were used going from antique tiles to original pieces of ironwork. The bar is a unique combination of antique tiles and wooden drawers reminding you of an apothecarys cabinet. The walls which were treated according to traditional limewash and painting techniques were decorated with blossoming flower stems. The pice de resistance is without any doubt the kiloweighing chandelier which was brought directly from italy. On the wall behind this masterpiece an exquisite mural a rejuvenation of muchas morning star is brought to life by numerous sparkling candles creating a unique atmosphere you will find nowhere else. In summertime you are invited to have a light snack or drink on our outdoor terrace enjoying warm sunny and peaceful surroundings ambience outdoor lighting gevraagd During chillier evenings the outdoor area is comf.

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Mathel bvba the concept after the success of winning awards in the best property and best development categories in the international property awards sponsored by bloomberg tv and google kaya homes has been acknowledged once again particularly at such a high level of undertstanding the needs of the ever expanding property market Een alternatief voor ambience outdoor lighting Our award winning architectural team including one of turkeys leading landscape architects have designed the hill side a development that offers magnificentl sea views and luxury apartments combined with a unique swimming pool design. The squaremetre lagoon style swimming pool spreads through the grounds of the complex from beginning to end. The swimming pool features unique areas including underwater sun beds as well as hawaiian style shaded sunbathing areas adjacent to the poolside caf bar offering the perfect place to relax and enjoy sides lovely tropical weather. The complex sits on m of land and consists o.